Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

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by Kirsteen Holuj

  • Category:
  • Medium: Hand Sculpted Ceramic
  • Dimensions:

A set of 3 hand-crafted porcelain pots all with removable lids for your 'findings'.  The lids are made from copper that has a silver patination coating.  They have then been coated in crystallised wax that will protect them from discolouring.  Any excessive abrasive cleaning will revert them back to copper.   Pot size: 8cm x 9cm each (excluding lids).

Artist Notes:  Are you one of those people who always comes home from the beach or the woods with pockets full of little treasures?  Do you have a limit on how many you can pick up?  These three pots are to celebrate just a few of those little beauties...a pebble, a twig and some feathers.  To be replaced when something even more special is found.

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