Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

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Ann Hume

Ann Hume

Ann Hume is a contemporary jewellery designer living on the Isle of Arran. She makes individual, intricate and delicate pieces of jewellery.

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A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, she studied Drawing and Painting and after several years teaching she completed a course in Silversmithing and developed her love of working in metal. She uses hand forging techniques, folding and hammering to create organic looking forms in sterling silver. She is particularly interested in how the metal behaves when folded, hammered and opened out again.

The inspiration for Ann's jewellery comes from organic forms, the flora and fauna of Arran, the ferns which grow in the woods and spill into her garden, seaweed on the beaches or the formation of petals in flowers. Drawing is an important aspect of Ann's work. She draws natural forms from observation, which helps her to develop ideas for her work.

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