Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

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Arran Coast Vase

by Will Shakspeare

  • Category: Glasswork
  • Medium: Hand Blown Glasswork
  • Dimensions: 15 x 13.5 cms (5.91 x 5.31 ins)

This beautiful vase is inspired by the pebble beaches and coastal waters of Arran.

Artist statement:  "Finally, I got to Arran!

I never know quite what is going to inspire me in a new place. I have ideas that I'm working on and tend to look around that concept, but hopefully my eyes are always open for new things, colours, shapes, whatever. In Arran, I loved the colours of the pebbles and rocks on the shore.

I was told it was due to the peaty water. The range of sizes and colours were stunning - golds to white then into the dark waters reflected under the skies.  Fantastic!"

This vase is 15cm high and 13.5cm at its widest point.

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