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Pam Carter - Prints

Pam Carter - Prints

Pam Carter DA was born in Tanzania, East Africa. Her Scottish father and Austrian mother came to Glasgow when she was aged 13.

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Artist statement:

My main inspiration is in Scottish landscape and seascape. I enjoy using colour to define contours, structure and changing light sequences. I search out specific viewpoints. I am equally inspired by the changing light sequences of the Western Isles and the dramatic viewpoints of the eastern coastline. I work predominantly in oil.

I love the Scottish landscape - it has all the form and textures that visually stimulate the senses. I am inspired not only by the scene but search out that "divine proportion" - aptly called and indeed the most pleasing to the eye.

These thoughts follow me to the studio where I try to recreate not only the landscape, but that spiritual moment.

I take a long time to consider the design of my paintings and through the different stages correct and re-correct until, if not the "golden section" is reached, it has at least that same effect on my deep inner being.

In my paintings you can feel the presence of mankind but rarely see them - the washing is hung, the lum is reeking, and the telegraph poles are talking. I pay tribute to the cultural past through the ancient dyke wall, the little harbours and the quaint crofts that are happily standing side by side with the grazing sheep.

I use strong colour to interpret the drama of light in the landscape. I am inspired by the changing light sequences of the Western Isles and I have often been awestruck at witnessing what feels like a heavenly scene.

Light features strongly in my work, whether it be light bouncing off the waters of the Hebrides or the sunlit sands before an encroaching storm or sunlight moving across the landscape. It is ever changing, ever travelling.


Sadly, Pam passed away in May 2022.  RIP Pam.  

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