Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

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Nick Giles - Tile Prints

Nick Giles - Tile Prints

Through my abstracted paintings on glass and more realistic but often suggestive paintings on canvas, I aim to share and express the beauty I observe in nature and in the landscape. I am a Scottish artist and a keen bird watcher and I am very lucky to be able to spend six months each year in Scotland (where on the beautiful Isle of Arran, I have owned one of Scotland's largest art galleries, "Arran Art Gallery" for almost 20 years) and six months a year in Australia (where bird watching takes me to some very beautiful wild places).  

My paintings are a reflection of my personal experiences, emotions, and observations of the natural world, capturing the essence of nature's beauty through an ever-evolving blend of abstract and realistic techniques. I often find myself in a meditative state when creating art, allowing my paintings to evolve naturally, and continually pushing the boundaries of my artistic style.  

Conservation and rewilding are close to my heart, and I’ll often prioritise painting nature and landscapes that are being conserved. 

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