Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

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Josephine Broekhuizen

Josephine Broekhuizen

Originally from the Netherlands, Josephine trained at the Academy for Visual Arts in Rotterdam and Gray's School in Aberdeen, where she was the First Prize winner at the Aberdeen Artists Exhibition.

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Her solo exhibitions have been shown at the Dutch Consulate in Edinburgh, the Workhouse Gallery in London and the Carby Art Gallery in Aberdeen.was involved in a three-year project painting murals in Lee Castle, Lanark. Her work is widely appreciated in the UK and USA for its unique perspectives.

Josephine is married to Tim Pomeroy, one of Britain's most accomplished sculptors and they live and work on the Isle of Arran.

We moved to Arran in 1997 from Lanark. As a child, Tim had spent many happy holidays on Arran and it seemed like a good place to live. We live in a beautiful smallholding overlooking the Holy Isle where the land slopes towards the sea and ends in a steep cliff with a smugglers path down to the beach. The smallholding has a very quiet, natural setting with lots of wildlife in the small fields, the surrounding woodland and along the coastline. Harbouring boats have become iconic and began to appear in my paintings.changing seasons bring different activities: spring begins with tidying and sowing seeds in the vegetable plot; summer is enjoying the sun and witnessing the garden reaching it full potential; and autumn activities are harvesting and preparing for winter. In winter, the rituals of felling trees or thinning hedges connect me to this place year upon year in a deeper and more meaningful way. Arran is a peaceful and giving place that makes me feel connected and I hope that some of that is expressed in my paintings.

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