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Jon Tremaine

Jon Tremaine

Jon Tremaine grew up in Truro, Cornwall. He first exhibited his art in 2008 and with early success he gave up his full time job a year later to pursue his artistic talent. He can now usually be found engrossed in his latest drawing at his working studio in Lelant.

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Jon's art is created using an Isograph pen charged with Indian ink. This has the finest nib giving him the opportunity to draw with great precision. The drawings are labours of love taking as long as 100 hours to produce through sittings of two to four hours at a time.

Jon says: Animals are amazing, I'm in awe of how they fend for themselves and adapt to their environment. For him interpreting their shapes and weaving them together to create the fascinating drawings is the challenge. It is an intricate balance and involves much thought about which animal to use where within the bigger picture. It takes time and cunning to consider how each component part of the drawing will relate to another in terms of relevance, shape and form. For example, the Running Hare has a mink on its foreleg, the mink's fur represents the running hares fur and shares a similar texture. The fur is also dark which represents the shaded area of the leg. Whilst the animals come from Jon's observations, photographs and reference books, the flora is often an artistic interpretation of what he sees in the natural world.

Jon's work has been featured in many regional editorials and international magazines including Wildscape. He is also a member of Artists for Conservation, it's mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art.

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