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Angela Elliott-Walker - Abstracts

Angela Elliott-Walker - Abstracts

Angela moved to Arran in 2003 after a long and successful career heading up an international design and development team for an outdoor clothing brand. She moved to Arran with her family for a calmer life and ran a large guesthouse in Brodick for a number of years.

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Although from a design background, Angela only started painting out of necessity in 2007, when a guest whose work covered the guesthouse walls, needed the paintings for an exhibition elsewhere! By coincidence a painting course was advertised in the local paper. This was the start of an all-consuming passion. Many courses followed enabling Angela to develop a unique style of her own.

Angela recently began a series of abstract paintings inspired by the natural surroundings of Arran.
To begin, I visit the location and study the micro colours. These are then replicated in my studio by layering acrylic paints and other mediums in different shaped vessels to a recipe I have found through experimentation. I then pour the paint onto the prepared canvas.

The painting emerges from a combination of my original thoughts about the piece and the serendipity of the paint mix. I have to respond to the process rather than fully controlling it; even the temperature has a part to play.


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