Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

Our window displays are constantly changing with new artwork and we hope they tempt you in!

Side Window

Arran‘, Nick Giles
The Three Glens‘, Angela Elliott-Walker
Cordyline Australis Pratum Flores III’, Robert Pereira-Hind
Shore Cottage‘, Graham Muir
Nougat Bowl‘, Will Shakspeare (image displayed)
Winter Hedgerow Vase‘, Will Shakspeare
‘Laggan Cottage’, Morag Lloyds
Seagrass Vase’, Will Shakspeare
Kingfisher I’, Nick Giles
‘Wavy Dish’ – Blue’, Will Shakspeare
‘Arran Bothy’, Pauline Montgomery  (image displayed)
Got Grapes?’, Stanley Bird

Main window

North Atlantic Swell‘, Rosanne Barr
‘Posy Vase – Confetti Pinks’, Will Shakspeare
‘Bud Vase – Confetti Pinks‘, Will Shakpeare
Wild Grasses’, Peter Foyle (image displayed)
‘A Fine Day’s End’, Ed Hunter
‘Nougat Bowl’, Will Shakspeare
‘Wavy Dish – Pink’, Will Shakspeare
‘G&T Glasses’, Will Shakspeare
Island Flowers’, Rosanne Barr (image displayed)
Ben Tarsuinn‘, Graham Muir
‘Superb Fairy Wren’, Nick Giles
‘Arran from Cumbrae‘, Graham Muir
‘Large Circular Pendant’, Ann Hume
Folded Petal Earrings’, Ann Hume
Mignon’, Stanley Bird


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