Arran Art Gallery is for people from all over the world that have an affinity with the beautiful Isle of Arran.

Our window displays are constantly changing with new artwork and we hope they tempt you in!

Main Window

'Studio View, Muasdale', Senja Brendon
'Crescent', Tim Pomeroy
'Fera Lupinis', Robert Pereira-Hind
'Bothy on a Cliff', Pauline Montgomery
'G&T Tumbler', Will Shakspeare
'Night Fall, Glen Sannox', Naomi Rae
'Good Drying Day', Nikki Surridge 
'Rustic Blue Tit', Terry Hawkins
'Rustic Robin', Terry Hawkins
'Bud Vase', Will Shakspeare (pictured opposite)​
'Wavy Dish', Will Shakspeare
'Ailsa', Nick Giles - Mixed Media on Glass
'Ailsa Craig and Pladda', Gramble Glass
'Hex Long Scarf - Piglet/Vegas/Caspian', Olive Pearson
'Birds Eye View' Aki Rogers
Its late, Arran from Millport', Lynn Hunter (pictured opposite)​
'Arran Bothy', Gramble Glass
'Seismic Bowl', Will Shakspeare
Artisan Jewellery by Ann Hume & Catherine Rowe
'Three Little Jugs', Lesley Lockhart (pictured opposite)

Side Window

'Twilight, Arran', Nick Giles
'Rustic Lamb', Terry Hawkins
'White Pebble Vase', Will Shakspeare
'Lamlash Lamb & Collie, Holy Isle', Terry Hawkins
'Barra Cottage', Ron Lawson
'Ailsa', Nick Giles
'Posy Vase - Green & Opal Marble', Will Shakspeare
'Wavy Dish - Green & Opal Marble', Will Shakspeare
'Chaos Paperweight', Will Shakspeare
'Folded Leaf Studs', Ann Hume
'Single Folded Petal Drop Earrings', Ann Hume
'Arty Glass Coasters', Will Shakspeare
'Pied Wagtail', Dorte Pape (pictured opposite)​
'Evening Light, south west Arran', Kevin Fleming (pictured opposite)
'Big Arran Slate', Lesley Lockett
'Raven', Dorte Pape
'Mackintosh Seed Short Cowl, Olive Pearson

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  • Pied Wagtail
  • Bud Vase Pink
  • Good Drying Day
  • 3 Little Jugs
  • Evening Light

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